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Monday, 20 September 2010

Bahamas Offshore Accounts - London Business Angels Anthony Clarke Revenue & Customs Tax Fraud Prosecution Files - Carroll Trust - Bahamas Tax Haven

Shocking new revelations are now unfolding in the Carroll Foundation Trust National Security Case concerning David Green QC the Director of the SFO Serious Fraud Office and formerly the Director of the Revenue & Customs Prosecution Office RCPO. It has been revealed that high level Revenue & Customs criminal investigation officers disgruntled with the ongoing delays to firm intervention and action have - LEAKED - to the Carroll Foundation Trust the primary Revenue & Customs Carroll Trust files which further sources have confirmed contain compelling criminal evidence dossiers comprised of forensic specimen exhibits of the forged GJH Carroll signatures and forged HMRC Gerald Carroll tax returns.

NSA Fort Meade NSA Carroll County LIVE FEEDS

The FBI Washington DC field office elite organised crime officers charged with this major national security public interests case have obtained specimen exhibits of the forged and falsified State of Delaware "registered" Carroll Trust Corporations which are = linked = to tax haven Gibraltar British Virgin Islands and Bahamas offshore = numbered bank accounts = which effectively impulsed the criminal liquidation and embezzlement of over one billion dollars of Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust world wide interests.

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